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Condoms as a method of preventing STIs have been used since at least 1564. Rubber condoms become available in 1855, followed by latex condoms in the 1920s.

They are on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines, the most effective and safe medicines needed in a health system. The wholesale cost in the developing world is about 0.03 to 0.08 USD each.  In the United States condoms usually, cost less than 1.00 USD.

Globally less than 10% of those using birth control are using the condom. Rates of condom use are higher in the developed world.  In the United Kingdom, the condom is the second most common method of birth control (22%) while in the United States it is the third most common (15%).  About six to nine billion are sold a year.





Magic Condom is an ultra smooth dotted condom it’s made by silicon material. After wearing this condom the  Penis dimension is increased from 1 “inch to 1.5” inches, and it gives you extra sexual time and performance.

The  Magic condom Minimum 1000+ times can be used. The condom burst is no possibility Because it made with Silicone.

Magic Condom এটা পূরুষাঙ্গে ব্যবহার করার পরে পেনিসের সাইজ পূর্বের তুলনায় ১ থেকে ১.৫ ইঞ্চি প্রর্যন্ত মোটা হয়। Magic Condom পূরুষাঙ্গের সেন্সিভিটি রোধ করে যৌন সঙ্গমের সময় বাড়িয়ে দেয়, ফলে দীর্ঘ সময় ধরে কোন প্রকার মেডিসিন ছাড়াই যৌন সঙ্গম করা যায়। এটা নারীদের যৌনীর ভিতরের সেক্স নার্ভ গুলোকে প্রবল ভাবে উত্তেজিত করে বিধায় নারীরা চরম পূলক অনুভব করেন এবং অসংখ্যবার অর্গাজম করতে সক্ষম হন, অনেক নারীর এমন সুখানুভূতি পূর্বে কখোনো হয় নি ।



The Magic Condom protected you and your partner from any sexual desire and unwanted pregnancy.

The Magic condom gives you extra timing to enjoying the powerful sex and it also gives more and more pleasure to your sex partner.



Many people want’s some extra sex time and he wants to give more pleasure to his sex partner in this  case Magic condom will help them,

the little bubble size doted can make much more sensual pleasure to the female vagina and she felt comfortable with this, as a result, she got the ultimate orgasm and more happiness again and again!


# Benefit:

  1. 100% Silicon
  2. 3 Color is Available
  3. 2 Different Design with G spot
  4. Free Size
  5. 1000 Times Re-usable
  6. Easy wash




# Side Effect:

We do not find any information about the product side effect! If you find any problem with this please inform us!

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